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Bilingual Literacy and Literature: EDUC7616 [Worcester] is a Course

Bilingual Literacy and Literature: EDUC7616 [Worcester]

Ended Apr 16, 2021

$1,200 Enroll

Full course description

This course is designed to provide pre- and in-service practitioners exposure to contemporary issues, perspectives, and approaches for literacy instruction in bilingual education settings. These bilingual education settings include transitional and dual language bilingual education programs, and we will explore literacy instruction as it pertains within and across these different program models. At its core, the course is designed to model the types of instructional approaches it espouses. The course will be delivered bilingually, in Spanish and English. As such, the language of instruction of the course, as well as expectations for participation, are fluid and variable. The course targets a range of literacy related topics all designed to orient the bilingual educator toward bilingual literacy instruction in contemporary bilingual education contexts.