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EDUC7616: Bilingual Literacy and Literature [Contract] [S22] is a Course

EDUC7616: Bilingual Literacy and Literature [Contract] [S22]

Jan 19 - Apr 14, 2022

$1,200 Enroll

Full course description

Bilingual Literacy and Literature

Time:  Hybrid course model, with a majority of coursework taking place online, with periodic meetings

Location: Online

Who Should Enroll?

The course is designed for any K - 12 educators that have successfully completed EDUC7615: Foundations Of Bilingual And Dual Language Education and EDUC7621: Bilingualism, Second Language, And Literacy Acquisition. 

Course Description:

Bilingual literacy and literature is one of two courses devoted to praxis which is the application of theory to practice to promote change and evolution in teaching. As Freire (1972) put it, "For apart from inquiry, apart from the praxis, individuals cannot be truly human" (p. 72). Applied to our work in the Bilingual Education Certificate, the history and theory we covered in the Foundations and Bilingualism courses are centered in thinking about how they apply to teaching. Also centered is remote/hybrid learning in a pandemic, which cannot be ignored. It is important to note here that praxis “cannot occur through antidialogical professional development. Instead, bilingual teachers must be positioned as knowledgeable beings whose lived cultural and linguistic realities drive generative learning in professional development” (Stacy et al., 2020). That is the orientation of this course as well. You, the bilingual educators who are participating in it, are the ones who bring knowledge to bear on the work we do.

Certification of Completion: 

Please note that all participants from outside Boston College will not receive academic credit nor a transcript documenting their participation in this workshop series. However, all participants will be awarded a certificate of completion and Professional Development points to apply to their professional development plans. 

Fees and Policies:

Payment is due by credit card at registration. Tuition includes all instructional materials. 

Refunds will only be granted up until the course begins. No refunds will be granted for registration or technical errors on the participant's part (such as incorrect name/email, login failure, etc.).

Additional offerings from the Lynch School Professional & Continuing Education Office can be found on our website

Course Designer

Patrick Proctor

Patrick Proctor is a professor and educational researcher focusing on bilingualism, bilingual education, language, and literacy. Theoretically, his work attempts to merge critical and developmental perspectives on language, literacy, and bilingualism in education. In terms of praxis, he works directly with teachers and administrators on issues of bilingual education and language-based literacy instruction, particularly in schools and districts characterized by student (and ideally teacher) multilingualism.