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Burnout and Rejuvenation: Inner Balance for Mental Health Clinicians is a Course

Burnout and Rejuvenation: Inner Balance for Mental Health Clinicians

Feb 23 - Apr 6, 2021

$100 Enroll

Full course description

Multi-Day Workshop Series, February 23 through April 6 | 5:30-7:00pm EST | 6hrs total

CEs for LMHC, APA, and LI/LCSW pending approval from credentialing bodies.


Mental health care professionals (psychologists, counsellors, social workers, and many others) often work in an environment that leads to “burnout.” This includes  high-level intensity, time constraints, competing demands, lack of control over the work process, and sometimes conflicting roles and relationships with leadership. The recent pandemic has additionally increased the intensity of helplessness, sense of inefficiency, and inability to shut off the therapeutic role. Focusing on other people’s problems can lead mental health providers to lose track of their own personal well-being and that of their families.

This program designed for mental health practitioners is rooted in the values and best practices of Boston College’s formative mission. Over the next four-sessions, our goal is to strengthen individuals in their mind, body, and spirit in order to become flourishing participants in their personal and professional lives. This is the Ignatian inclusive and holistic approach based on Cura Personalis, i.e., individualized attention to the needs of one’s bodily, cognitive, emotional, social, and spiritual levels. 

By re-creating one’s inner balance, each person may be better able to engage the question: Who do I want to become, in order to better serve others?

Learning Objectives:

At the completion of this program each participant will be able to:

  1. Describe the experience/reflection/action paradigm and apply it in the process of ongoing adjustment to their personal and professional demands;  
  2. Employ new proficiencies in self-motivation and self-empowerment in a competing and results-demanding environment;
  3. Construct a personal / professional meaning-oriented perspective, through engaging a search for a more fulfilling way of living and working

Timeline and Requirements:

This workshop series will take place on every other Tuesday between February 23 and April 6, meeting for a total of four synchronous session listed below. Each workshop is presenter-led and is a fully online experience, conducted synchronously online via Zoom from 5:30 pm-7:00 pm (EST).

  • Tuesday, February 23, 5:30-7:00pm EST
  • Tuesday, March 9, 5:30-7:00pm EST
  • Tuesday, March 23, 5:30-7:00pm EST
  • Tuesday, April 6, 5:30-7:00pm EST

CE Sponsorship: 

Application for 6 CEs is being submitted for LMHC, APA, and LI/LCSW. We will update this section as soon as we hear back from the credentialing bodies.

Participants must attend all of the workshops in full and complete the post event survey to be eligible to receive CEs.

This lecture does not offer CEs for other clinicians not listed above. 

Fees & Policies:

Payment is due by credit card at registration. Registration closes February 23rd at 5pm. Refunds will be granted only up to the time of the workshop. 


Erika headshot
Dr. Erika Prijatelj is a professor and coach who focuses her work on integration of psychology and theology, the combination of which she studied, taught and practiced in the USA, Canada and in various European countries. She wrote numerous scientific and professional articles as well as three books on topics such as self-identities (body, sexual, executive, social, individual, spiritual), scapegoating, actualization of human vital strengths and the impact of high stress on relationships. She believes in a holistic approach where every person’s body, mind and spirit are addressed. Dr. Prijatelj most recent courses include Mental Health across the Lifespan, Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology, Marriage and the Family and she currently teaches a course on Trauma. 


As a Professor of Philosophy and Religious studies at Hellenic College and currently an Adjunct Professor at Boston College, as a Psychosynthesis coach and Yoga instructor, Dr. Tone Svetelj looks for positive aspects in our world, both in his teaching and coaching. His professional research focuses on the rediscovery of intellectual and spiritual treasures of the past and non-Western traditions, evaluating them from the latest discoveries in the human sciences. He hopes to implement the ancient-new “Know yourself” principle in a way that it will lead us to a meaningful, flourishing, fulfilling and authentic life. He studied Philosophy and Theology in Italy, Germany and the USA. He is trained in Ignatian spirituality and Jesuit pedagogy, and is excited to assist others in discovering and reaching their full potential on a deeper level.